what our Customers say

You must run a wonderful establishment to have so many very special and dedicated employees. My husband and I had our own business in San Francisco for many years; and I know what it takes to keep customers AND employees happy and smiling. Well, you folks do a great job on all fronts!

You have been taking care of us here in Ferndale for many years with nothing but perfect service every single time. What prompts me to write this today is the GREAT job the guys did for us to get the place ready for our Christmas Open House. This place was an enormous mess and needed a lot of work of every gardening type. The gang arrived - smiling and happy as always - every single one of them working as hard and fast as they could. They all seemed to be happy and enjoying what they were doing.

Tim is incredible!!! He often comes here and is so pleasant and nice and smiling. Now, as you know, I am a cute old lady (LOL).Sometimes I will ask him to help me with some dumb little thing I can't do by myself any more. As if it were the most important thing he had to do on a given day, he always takes good care of me.

I just want to say THANK YOU to you and all your crew for taking care of us all these years - doing a perfect job every single time -- and always smiling and helpful. We are so lucky to have you taking care of our gardens and trees. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR EVERYTHING!"- Zelda B. 

"Thank you so much for your good work, honesty and integrity, I sincerely appreciate you both very much." - Merrillyn S.

"Hi you guys- I get lots of compliments on my yard- Thanks!" - Alice R.

"The flowering tree looks great! I might just keep it now!" - Pat

"My yard looks so good. You guys are great..." - Carol

"My neighbors and visitors say this was the best job on the boxwoods ever!" - Laurie

"I give my love to you two, and your entire family of hard working employees" - Danny

"As my grandkids say 'you're the BOMB'. I'm told that's a good thing. The house looked AWESOME for the Fourth of July!" - Chrys H.

"Thank you so much. I love my clean front yard. All the guys are great... one even captured a lizard that had found his way indoors." - Martie