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Eureka Home and Garden Show 2024

"The 2024 Eureka Home And Garden Show provides builders, contractors, repairmen, and private homeowners with quality products and expert services. Our team of experienced home improvement professionals offer sound advice, recommendations, and creative ideas to our customers. Hands-on assistance with projects is also available our just let our trusted teams do all the work.We’re committed to helping builders, remodelers, and even those dealing with minor repairs. No matter the size of the project, we’re at your service. Our brand names Doors, Flooring, and Windows are available at affordable prices." -Eureka Home and Garden Show

2024 Tickets

Bowl for Kids' Sake

Grab your bowling shoes and join us for a fun-filled day of strikes, spares, and smiles! Bowl for Kids' Sake is a fantastic opportunity to come together as a community and support Boys and Girls Club. By participating in this event or making a donation, you're helping to provide essential resources and opportunities for kids to thrive. Your generosity can truly make a difference. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or participate in these events, your support is invaluable. Together, we can create positive change and make our community an even better place for all. Thank you for considering joining us in these worthy endeavors!

Bowl For Kid's Sake Donations
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