Meet our Awesome Staff

They go by many names - lawn ninjas, hedge masters, craftsman. Below are the hardest working green industry staff in the country. The best of the best and they make it look easy!
Jeremy Sission - Mow Crew Supervisor -
The most enjoyable thing about working outside most of my day is the change of scenery. My hobbies are cutting firewood and swimming. I have lived in Humboldt County for 37 years. The thing I like most about living here are the Redwoods that surround us.

Kevin LoMiglio - Maintenance/Repair Crew Supervisor -
I enjoy making an area look “just right” and being outside anywhere in Humboldt County. I am a photographer and musician in my spare time. I enjoy taking pictures of places around here that evoke emotion. I’m a Humboldt native for 23 years. Humboldt County has all of the greatest parts of California: the forests, hills, prairies, and coastal areas. It has it all.

Tim Doherty - Installation & Maintenance Crew Supervisor -
The thing I enjoy most about work is being outdoors in nature. Some hobbies I have are going hunting and fishing, also my family camping trips. I enjoy spending time with my family especially my grandkids. I have lived in Humboldt County for 2 years. The things I enjoy most about living here is the weather and the topography.

Jason Stouffer - Mow/Maintenance Supervisor -
I enjoy all of my work, especially looking at the finished product and seeing the difference of what we did. I like spending my time with family and friends. I like hunting and outdoor activities. I have lived in Humboldt County for 39 years. The thing I like the most about Humboldt is the small town life, I am not a big fan of big city living.

Lyra Foss - Renovation/Maintenance Crew Supervisor -
The part of work that I enjoy most is being outside! I’d take working in the pouring rain over sitting inside at a desk any day. I enjoy exploring all of Humboldt, anywhere from the beaches to the forests. I enjoy taking my dog along to see what kind of critters and flowers we can find. I moved to Humboldt in January of 2019 from the Sacramento area and it already feels like home. The thing I love most about living here is the natural beauty and slower pace of life. 

Steve Morss - Office Manager -
The things I enjoy most at work is the setting at the office is peacefully rural, green and quiet. My hobbies are spending time with my wife, the larger family, and our home. I am blessed with my wonderful wife of 45 years, 2 remarkable children with remarkable spouses and six amazing grandchildren. I have enjoyed living in Humboldt County for 5 decades. What I enjoy most about living in Humboldt County is the ocean, the trees and the friendly folks that live here.

Kevin Essig - Mechanic/Shop Maintenance -
The thing I like most about working here is the work environment, the bosses and the people I get to work with. I really like going fishing, exploring, riding four wheelers and building go-karts for my grandkids. I have two grandkids that I love to death. I have lived in Humboldt County for 54 years. What I like most about living in Humboldt is the beach, I also like the mountains and the greenery.

Jeffrey Heflin - Crew Member
I am 20 years into living in Humboldt County and enjoy every day of this country life. I enjoy skateboarding and snowboarding in my free time. At the end of a day of landscaping, I like seeing the finished results of our work.

Rick Bruce Jr. - Crew Member -
I most enjoy the family atmosphere at J&G; also the variety of people and places that I am encountering during the work days.
I love traveling; especially to Raiders games.
I am a lifelong resident of Humboldt County and likethe community feel and beautiful scenery.

Pamela Berti - Maintenance/ Repair Crew Supervisor -
I love the way a property looks when we are finished.  I enjoy the physical exertion it takes, the creativity it requires and the satisfaction it gives me! In my off time, I love to garden, read, paint, and run. I am married to Rob Berti and have five kids between the two of us. I have lived in Humboldt County my whole lifelong I like the feeling of community here. Everywhere I go I meet someone I know.

John Heflin - Crew Member
The things I like most about working with J&G are being outside all day and the changing scenery. My outdoor interests include swimming, biking, fishing, and hiking.  I enjoy watching NASCAR and the Oakland Raiders. My hobby is solving puzzles like Sudoku and Kakuro. I was born and raised in Humboldt County and have lived here 36 of my 40 years. After leaving for a few years, I returned because I missed the ocean and the redwoods.

Thomas Bishop - Crew Member
The part of my job I enjoy the most is working outdoors with the plants and trees. I also like getting to see the whole county as we travel to various work sites.  In my off hours I participate in the martial arts.  I like chilling with my fiancée and our dog, cat and lizard.  They are my family. I have lived in Humboldt County since 1989, and I like everything about living here.

Brandon Trone - Crew Member
I enjoy working outside.  Making clients’ yards looks great gives me so much satisfaction.  Nothing is better than seeing the transformations we do as a J&G team. My hobbies include hunting and fishing.  Being outdoors whenever I can. 
I have lived in Humboldt County for my whole life, 36 years to be exact.
I like the weather and the many outdoor activities that are available in this area. 

Dakota Fontaine - Crew Member
I enjoy the maintenance of various properties, the installation of drip lines, the planting and the hedging.  It’s all fun for me. My hobbies are working on cars, messing around with electrical, riding my Harley Davidson, hiking, camping, and walking my dogs. I have lived in Humboldt County for 28 years.  I am very much an outdoors person. I love nature and all the beautiful forestry here makes it a perfect place for me to live.

Cameron Milsap - Crew Member
I enjoy working outside with the J&G Lawn and Garden team and seeing the finished projects we do.
Spending quality family time is my main interest right now. I also enjoy painting and working in my garden at home.
I have a wonderful girlfriend, Shayla Morss, and we have one beautiful son together, Kingston Millsap. 
I have lived in Humboldt County for all of my 20 years.
What makes Humboldt County such a great place to live is the proximity to the ocean, rivers, and forests with huge, beautiful Redwood Trees.